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    He's willing to discuss all sorts of things a regular doctor wouldn't even acknowledge. Go and present your evidence and at least you can be sure he'll listen.

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    I emailed dr Fred Hui. Never got a response. Maybe he doesn't accept patients anymore? I don't know. His website was extremely up to date on modern Testosterone + Adrenal Fatigue knowledge. I wish I could have a doctor like him.

    I really need a new doctor near Thornhill/Markham. Tomorrow I am seeing my GP after receiving some catastrophically low T results.

    May 25th 2015 blood test:
    Testosterone Total: 2.3 nmol/L range: 8 - 32
    SHBG 34 nmol/L range: 11-78
    Testosterone, Bioavailable (calc): 1.0 nmol/L range: 4-17
    Estradiol: <37 pmol/L range: 40-162

    She is absolutely unwilling to prescribe me anything. Thus I will have to replace her but in the time being I need to give her a name of a specialist to refer me to. Does anyone have any suggestions? Beyond that I will need a new GP.

    I want to ask my GP for pituitary MRI but I doubt she will allow it. She is worthless for anything beyond fungal cream honestly. Any specific tests I should prioritize? I want to ask for LH + FSH + Cortisol Am . Cortisol been low before.

    Any advice or recommendations would be extremely appreciated.

    And what was the name of that quality clinic in Toronto?
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    Your GP shouldn't prescribe you anything for this either. I wouldn't be too upset about that. However, any good GP should be able to refer you to an endocrinologist. If you have to wait a couple months, I wouldn't worry about it either. Otherwise, just look up any endocrinologist in your area give your GP that name. I'm surprised you need to provide the name. Endocrinologist don't just deal with low test problems. There is a whole host of extremely common things that your GP would see on a daily basis that should probably be sent for an endocrinologist referral.

    all things thyroid, pituitary, even things like menopause, infertility, and so on...

    Having such drastically low test for no reason is not common, and it should be looked at by an endo.

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