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    Default Can't Seem To Lose Fat: Training & Diet Summary

    I would like to get down to 15% bodyfat at 190lbs, but I just can't seem to cut the fat. I'm male, 46, 5'10", 190lbs at around 20% bodyfat. I train 2-on-1 off with weights and do cardio at 65 - 70%of my max heart rate using the elliptical or stationary bike 5 days-per-week in the mornings (on an empty stomach,or shortly after a blender protein shake or piece of fruit), or after my evening workout. I eat every 2.5 - 3 hours and try to drink 500mls of water inbetween all meals. I take my protein shakes with distilled
    water. My morning meal is 60 grams of carbs to 30 grams of protein and every other meal is 30/30 except for after my workout which is 60 carbs to 30 protein: I try to avoid bread, wheat, white potatoes, white rice or white pasta. i will take a tsp of UDO's oil with every meal. I supplement with whey protein concentrate or isolate. i usually have a scoop of carb powder and a scoop of isolate immediately after my workout followed by another protein shake about a half hour later, followed by a food meal an hour later.
    How Can I Reach My Goal?
    Any advice from an educated and experienced natural bodybuilder would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Rob

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    -Generic calculators arn't really going to help you figure out your basal metabolic rate. Although it may provide you with a reasonable starting point. It's something you'll have to figure out through diet manipulation over time.
    -Don't drink distilled water
    -If you can, use a treadmill or step mill instead of an elliptical/bike. Keep in mind that higher intensity cardio does utilize glucose preferentially as a percentage however overall you will still lose more fat. I think if you push yourself with the cardio you'll get a lot more out of it.
    -Take a look at some of the recent threads on good fat sources, there is some great information.
    -Try to consume starchy carbs in the morning and switch over to fibrous carbs in the evening. Except for directly following your workout.
    -Post up your workout program. To reach your goal you'll need to gain a fair amount of muscle so improving your training may help a lot.
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    eat less.

    Not to be facetious but if you are maintaining your weight on your current caloric consumption then cut start cutting the carbs out of your diet.

    Don't reduce protein or you will end up burning extra muscle to scavenge the nutrients you need.

    Don't reduce fat as it improves your feeling of fullness and you require the efa's in the fats.

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    I stopped reading after I got the impression that you don't know how many calories you're intaking....count them, watch the scale...if it isn't dropping then you need to increase the deficit by either lowering calories or increasing activity

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    keep carbs low to med most of the week with 1-2 days high carbs but also keep calories genrally lower over all (300-500cal below matanance)
    also this product could help a bit:

    but all in all it comes to diet before suppes or even trainning (thow also important)
    its easer to eat 500cal less then to work it off.
    kinda gotta meet in the middle.
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