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    Default 2010 MABBA Provincial Championships Results

    May 29, 2010
    Pantages Theatre

    Overall Men - Mike Zylstra
    Overall Women Bodybuilding - Amber Pawlyshyn
    Overall Figure - Christina Falvo Carvalho
    Overall Fitness - Shelly Paton
    Overall Bikini - Ashely Kushnir
    Best Poser Men - Ryan Malo
    Best Poser Women - Maggie Macdonald
    Best Routine Fitness - Shelly Paton

    Men Junior
    1 - Patrick Gregoire
    2 - Jon Chong

    Men Master
    1 - Todd Payette
    2 - John Murphy
    3 - Eric Dunton
    4 - Aaron Chigol
    5 - Bruce Minton

    Men Grandmaster
    1 - Gerard Haggett
    2 - Chris Garrick

    Men Bantamweight
    1 - Tim Durston
    2 - Jon Chong
    3 - Quinton Martin

    Men Lightweight
    1 - Aaron McKay
    2 - Aaron Chigol
    3 - Marty Roy

    Men Welterweight
    1 - Dylan Marsh
    2 - Mike Koupriyanov
    3 - Joe Ingrilli

    Men Light-Middleweight
    1 - Patrick Gregoire
    2 - Bruce Minton
    3 - James Spurgeon

    Men Middleweight
    1 - Dan Lawson
    2 - Ian Birchall

    Men Light-Heavyweight
    1 - Jason Walker
    2 - Aaron Aramini
    3 - Paul Taylor

    Men Heavyweight
    1 - Todd Payette
    2 - Gerard Haggett
    3 - Barry Pacak

    Men Super-Heavyweight
    1 - Mike Zylstra
    2 - Ryan Malo
    3 - Chris Lowden

    Men Classic Medium
    1 - James Sheldon
    2 - Eric Dunton
    3 - Aaron Chigol
    4 - Joe Ingrilli

    Men Classic Medium-Tall
    1 - Dylan Marsh
    2 - John Murphy
    3 - Bruce Minton
    4 - Paul Taylor

    Men Classic Tall
    1 - Barry Pacak
    2 - Mike Bandusiak

    Junior Women
    1 - Kayla Prysiazniuk

    Master Women
    1 - Nicole Roy
    2 - Heather Link-Kubas
    3 - Lainie Wintrup
    4 - Anita Froese
    5 - Tamara Millman

    Women Lightweight
    1 - Maggie MacDonald
    2 - Lainie Winthrop

    Women Heavyweight
    1 - Amber Pawlyshyn
    2 - Nicole Roy
    3 - Heather Link-Kubas
    4 - Darla Caligiuri
    5 - Anita Froese
    6 - Nichole Giesbrecht
    7 - Tamara Millman

    Figure Master
    1 - Kathleen Butler
    2 - Val Nolan
    3 - Estelle Tycholis
    4 - Rita Ghosh
    5 - Tracy Burston

    Figure Short
    1 - Kathleen Butler
    2 - Lisa Falvo Cabral
    3 - Tracy Burston
    4 - Toula Desjarlais

    Figure Medium
    1 - Christina Falvo Carvalho
    2 - Amber Bineau
    3 - Jennifer Davis
    4 - Kelly Tufford
    5 - Melva Tosh
    6 - Rita Ghosh
    7 - Karen Insley

    Figure Medium-Tall
    1 - Val Nolan
    2 - Melanie Falvo
    3 - Christina Krahn
    4 - Janice Moore
    5 - Sandra Charron
    6 - Karen Insley

    Figure Tall
    1 - Estelle Tycholis
    2 - Crystal Cunard
    3 - Jennifer Webber
    4 - Chelsea Cutting

    Fitness Masters
    1 - Shelly Paton
    2 - Joyce Weiderman
    3 - Coco Kissack

    Fitness Short
    1 - Shelly Paton
    2 - Coco Kissack
    3 - Joyce Weideman
    4 - Amanda Woods

    Fitness Tall
    1 - Kimberley Bell

    Bikini Short
    1 - Ashley Kushnir
    2 - Cori Boudreau
    3 - Ashley Hinter

    Bikini Tall
    1 - Marcie Robertson
    2 - Anahy Bergner
    3 - Carmen Dignazio
    4 - Pamela Graham

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    Just got back from the MABBA prejudging... Coco looked great. I'm pretty sure she won the first round in both her classes. In round 2 her routine was darn near perfect but from a difficutly/technical perspective I'm not sure she did as well. The fitness routines were really quite good. Women's bodybuilding and fitness were the high point of the show.

    Bikini and Figure really didn't do much for me.

    Men's bodybuilding showed was interesting but I only saw 1 guy that looked ready for the nationals, Todd and about 5 guys that really looked like bodybuilders. The new "classic" seems to be a class for men with no legs.

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    Thanks for the update.

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    Default I just returned from MABBA too

    Interesting show, for a 'freak-love-fest'...some fitness girls got shafted, some bodybuilders accidentally won FIGURE...and nobody knows what they want in bikini cause they clearly didn't want anyone with any form of athleticism...

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    Thumbs up

    Both Ryan Malo and Mike Zylstra looked great in the superheavy weight mens. But of course my main mang Big Mike came on top!! Congrats Mike!

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    So I got it superheavies
    Mike in 1st, Ryan, 2nd.

    Anyone have any more placings...all is quiet everywhere online.

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    Hi Guys!!
    third in super hevies was Chris lowden
    I dont have a full list or anything... but Todd Payette won heavyweight and classic
    AAron McKay won lightweight (train with him... so i know)
    Christina Falvo won figures overall
    AMBER PAWLYSHYN my best freind and training patner KILLED womens bb (so proud of her) she's the chick on the other bike in the pic i put up in another thread with me!
    Shelly Paton won everything there was to win in fitness... short class, best routine, masters and the overall..

    here's what else i've got...
    Ashley ? won bikini

    fitness masters was
    1st shelly paton
    2nd Joyce Weiderman
    3rd ME!!! coco kissack

    Fitness short was
    1st Shely Paton
    2nd ME!!! Coco kissack
    3rd Joyce Weiderman

    I dont know how that happens.

    I;m proud of what I accomplished this year. I competed against some seasoned competitors (joyce competing over 6 years and a fame pro and national level competitor.. shelly competing something like 14 years and a national level competitor)
    I know i left nothing on the table... i played my hand... I did my BEST I am proud of myself. I made some huge changes to my physique.. came in with the best conditioning possible I just wasn't what the judges were looking that day! I can never prove it, but I think having all the ink I have hurts me a bit. I had the best abs on stage and the only chick with any quad seperation. Pretty confident that.. routines aside... my physique was (if not the best up there in my class) at least the best I could make it!

    I ate alot of pizza, Drank a Bilini. had some cupcakes then barfed my guts out! LOL ..
    My kid told me she was Proud of me.. Guys.. to have a 17 year old tell thier mom they are proud of them is a HUGE win! lol

    Im taking a week to heal and replencish then starting training for Nationals. Im going. I want to see where I stand next to the best in the country. .. sooo see yya in Toronto Aug 28!
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    you and joyce must have been close since you came 2nd in short, and 3rd in masters, and she came 3rd in short and 2nd in masters.

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    Thanks for the updates Dryvrgrl. I organized them best I could.

    Big congrats to you. I don't think I only speak for myself here but all of CBB is proud of you. Your drive motivates others and people like to see good things happen to good people.

    Looking forward to you taking it to the national level.

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    Thanks MP!

    i have a few more that I can remember...
    Im sorry I didnt follow mens bb very close I know thats what most of you are interested in... every time they were up i was getting ready for routines.

    Womens bb
    1st Maggie Macdonald
    2nd Lainie Winthrop

    Heavyweight was Amber pawlyshyn
    2nd Nicole Roy
    3rd Heather Link-kubas

    best poser Maggie

    Classic medium Eric dunton
    masters 3rd Eric dunton

    I only know where my friends placed sorry
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