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    My experince has been with BBM and not texting but mirrors what you said. This is the reason I wish RIM to die.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forever View Post

    What pisses me off is the people who completely disregard everyone around them to tinker with their phone. You know the one who will be sitting at a group dinner and start txting or answer their cell phone and start talking in the middle of a library. I went camping with a large group of people last summer and one girl spent the entire time ****ing with her cell phone. Nothing wrong with the cell phone, everyone there had one but managed to socialize with the people in front of them and have fun. The problem was with the person who refused to put it down to socialize. If she did start chatting with someone who was there and her phone beeped, she would pick it up and resume txting in the middle of a conversation, completely ignoring whoever was in the middle of a conversation with her.

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    Good job man, if I had a daughter and her bf was disrespecting her like that I would do the same thing. Hopefully he learned something about manners from the situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by vanskelig View Post
    This is the reason I wish RIM to die.
    I don't think the problem is RIM though, its just rude people using a tool made by RIM to be rude. I know what your saying though, that girl we went camping with, I wanted nothing more then to toss her ****ing Blackberry in the lake or fire.
    There's a time and a place.

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