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    Default UFE 2011 Competition Calendar

    Pulled from another site....

    Hey Everyone,

    Well, before everyone shuts down for Christmas and New Year's (though I'm sure there are many hard core ladies that never give fitness a rest!) I wanted to let you all know our contest schedule for 2011!

    There are a lot of exciting things taking place this year with UFE and our competitors. Our first US show will take place on September 10th in Dearborn, Michigan called UFE Havoc. We will also be launching our Professional Division this year and our first PRO show will be at the UFE North American Championships in November. Our cash prizes and prize packages will be unmatched by any other natural organization in the world and our actual PRO cards and the PRO stage in which our competitors will compete on will be unmatched by even the Olympia. Those are some bold statements, but I can assure you that we're working hard to back them up. I encourage you to check out our site and follow us on Facebook so you can keep up with everything going on this year with us. With that said, I'll get to the dates!

    UFE Spring Bash - Mississauga, ON - April 9th
    UFE Chaos - Montreal, QC - May 14th
    UFE Showdown - London, ON - June 25th
    UFE Havoc - Dearborn, MI - September 10th
    UFE Halloween Mayhem - Hamilton, ON - October 22nd (TENTATIVE)
    UFE North American Championships - Hamilton, ON - November 12th (TENTATIVE)

    Hope to see many of you ladies there!


    Sean Everingham, President
    Ultimate Fitness Events

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    Just saw this....

    UFE North American Championships to be Televised + More Event Info!


    As many people know, UFE has now decided it's time to finally adopt a full tier system in order to give natural competitors the same platform to compete on as non tested competitors. With that said, the North American Championships will see UFE's first generation of PRO competitors take to the stage in what will be one of the most amazing fitness events ever witnessed! What a bold statement to make, but here is a look into how we're doing it:
    -we start with the PRO card itself and have looked at the typical printer paper certificates that organizations, including the IFBB, have been using and decided to kick their ass by giving our PROs silver PRO cards...not silver coloured, but literally silver!
    -we talked to the same set designers that have helped put together the stage sets for rock groups like Nine Inch Nails and told them to blow away the Olympia stage in terms of design and production and they have gladly obliged that request. I have personally seen the CAD drawings of the set and I can tell you that you'll be blown away!
    -we decided that if we're going to run a PRO division, we can't give away chump change like some organizations do, so we're giving away $2500 CASH, a one year endorsement contract, a $2500 custom body sculpt and a photoshoot with a top industry photographer for magazine submission to each and every PRO Champion!
    -we decided that an event of this calibre needs real exposure so in addition to magazine coverage from our friends at Inside Fitness and Oxygen Magazine, the event will have at least 4 segments broadcast on Rogers Television with a potential reach of 3 million people making it one of the most viewed fitness events ever. In addition we are in talks with another station that would carry a 1 hour television broadcast of the event to another 700,000 viewers for a total viewership of nearly 4 million people!

    This will truly be the Ultimate Fitness Event. It doesn't matter what your goals are, this is THE event you will want to be at!

    We count on seeing you there on stage or cheering loud in the seats on November 12th in Hamilton. This will be an Elite and PRO level show only so you must qualify to be a part of it. For more details about the event and for entry forms that are now online, go to
    Et Voila!

    Sean Everingham, President
    Ultimate Fitness Events


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