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    Quote Originally Posted by RagingRandy View Post
    I think in many cases animals are more humane than humans.
    Right you treat a dog with respect and love and he'll never betray or hurt you (on purpose) but our kind ****ed is that. I'm a dog lover and this shit drives me crazy and other post is right..**** up an animal and you may get a fine. These people are the ones that need a good caning behind the barn..I know if I saw this hapeening I'd **** the person responsible up ...the poor dog never did anything to deserve that shit and if he was misbehaving, it's because the idiot owner (if the owner did this) didn't train them right and if it was someone else, they're like the thread is titled...a Friday vent...I better have a drink!

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    That makes my blood boil how anyone could harm an animal that has only showed you love and companionship is just beyond me.I heard of a guy that soaked his cats head in water and put it outside in minus 30 degree weather so it would die cause it had kittens don't want to know what he did to the made me want to do the same to him...
    Respect commands itself and can neither be given nor withheld when it is due

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