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    Default Maria Mikola Interview with CBB

    CBB Handle: Maria
    Age: 43
    Height: 5’2 ½”
    Occupation: Personal Fitness Trainer, work at a health food store as well.

    Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario
    Currently Residing: Sarnia, Ontario

    Have you always been an active person - did you play sports in your youth?
    Yes, I was always active. In public school I participated in a little bit of gymnastics and did a bit of cross country running, and track and field. In high school I got more involved with gymnastics and was on a competitive cheerleading squad for a year. In college I took up competitive trampoline. After graduating I got involved in windsurfing as my past time and sailing.

    What made you get into bodybuilding competitions?
    I had moved to Michigan on a work permit. I found a gym to train at and the owner talked me into doing a competition that he promoted.

    Having been a bodybuilder for many years, what advice can you give to a
    young competitor just getting into the sport?

    If you are new to the competitive side it’s best you seek out a trainer or coach who knows the ins and outs of the sport and can help you reach your goals. Check out their credentials and even get feedback from other athletes who have trained with them. Make sure that trainer/coach has your best interest at heart not just for the money.

    How has the sport impacted your life?
    I sustained an injury in gymnastics in my final year in high school which pretty much abruptly ended my career. Even though I had taken up other sports non-competitively, bodybuilding had filled that void I was missing. I enjoyed the aspect of competing. It gives me goals to work towards and also carries over into other aspects in life, especially in work. I like to set goals and achieve them. As far as other opportunities, it does allow me to do a bit of traveling which I wouldn’t do otherwise. Not a lot of other opportunities have come up.

    Favourite foods for dieting? For cheating?
    I like sweet potato and ground turkey as a favourite meal. For cheating I like ice cream in the summer.

    Are there any sports supplements that you cannot live without?
    Protein powder

    Are you sponsored by a company? If so, who?
    Yes, Preferred Nutrition! I get Brad King’s Ultimate Alpha Whey Protein Isolate.

    You compete at the World Level and must have some interesting stories. Would you like to share one with us?
    My first Worlds, in 2003, I had food poisoning the day before the competition but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from competing. I actually threw up in the cafeteria. I had dealt with food poisoning before so I knew what it was and what I needed to do to feel better. I had tried to sleep during the day but that didn’t work so I had been walking around to get some air and site seeing a bit, feeling very weak. A few times I had contemplated in going into a clinic that I had walked by a couple of times, but I was water depleting so I didn’t go to the clinic because they would have made me drink something. After a good night’s sleep I felt 100% and ready to hit the stage. After the competition I over heard a few people on the bus transporting us back to the hotel that there was someone who was sick the day before the show. They were talking about me. Ha Ha

    What is the difference when you compete in Canada and when you compete somewhere else in the world?
    In Canada you are familiar with the people in the industry and they are familiar with you. Outside of Canada I know of people from the magazines but they don’t know who I am.

    Having been an active member on various bodybuilding and fitness forums for many years, what do you find positive about interacting with other members on them and what do you find negative?
    I haven’t been too active on boards and pretty much just read information and peoples’ experiences. On some boards I find that people can be very supportive of each other. On the negative side you get people who think they know everything when in actual fact there are many ways to diet for a show and every body is different and will react to different methods of contest prep, etc. Sure state your opinion but don’t force it on others.

    What is a typical day for you when prepping for a show?
    There is nothing typical about my days. I work around my clients’ schedules. My work outs are usually in the afternoon or evenings and on occasion in the morning. I get cardio in either first thing in the morning or last at night and then even both, closer to the show and even in the middle of the day if I need extra cardio.

    What do you find the most difficult about this sport?
    After being in the sport for such a long time, I find the diet can be the most taxing. I have devoted a lot of time to the sport so I have sacrificed a lot along the way. I chose to do it though.

    When will we next see you on stage?

    Can you provide us a workout routine for a week? Same for what she/he eats for any given day.
    Right now it’s something like this but hasn’t been the same these last few weeks:
    Monday chest
    Tuesday back
    Wednesday quads/calves/abs
    Thursday shoulders
    Friday arms
    Saturday hams/calves/abs

    Right now it’s low carb diet.

    For up to date competition history, please check out the Maria Mikola Profile

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    One of the most down to earth people you will ever meet!!!
    I lost 20 pounds...How? I drank bear piss and took up fencing. How the **** you think, son? I exercised.

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    kudos to her for being natty as well.

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    I did some posing classes with her for my first competition, she works at the best gym in town.. she was very good!

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    Very classy and beautiful!!!! Good for her!


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