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    Default How to start strongman?

    Hi all. After years of powerlifting I have decided toadd a day or 2 a week of strongman work. My problem though is I lack equipment at my home. As well, the commercial gym I belong to is not set up at all for strongman, give or take a couple of movements I could probably do there. I was wondering, with what I have, is it at all possible to be able to do some strongman work at my home? This is what I have:

    -tire-200 lbs.
    -kettlebells-2x10, 2x17.6, 2x30, 2x35, 2x40, 1x50
    -undulation rope-65 lbs.
    -harness for pulling
    -slam ball-30 lbs.
    -heavy duty hockey bag which I am figuring I can fill with sand bags and make a makeshift sandbag

    Unfortunately I have no barbells for dl'ing or overhead pressing. Is there any way to structure this to give a decent strongman workout? I am hoping to get more equipment soon but this is unfortunately all I have now.

    Thank you so very much any information is greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry to post again. Wondering if anyone knows of any welders who would make strongman equipment in Ottawa or surrounding areas? Thanks

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    Hey Bro, check out my post. We are a group of Strongman that train in Gatineau about a 10min drive from downtown Ottawa:

    We have all the equipment you will ever need to compete in strongman.

    With what you have I would do the sandbag thing, get 3 x 66lbs bags of Sand at home depot for 3$ per bag. Tape them up with lots of duct tape so they don't break and then you can load them in your hockey bag and do a variety of movements with it.

    You can use the 200lb tire as a sled but it's too light for flipping. You could also tie a rope after it and practice hand over hand truck pull.

    Check us out seriously, it's your best option.

    Oh and read this Strongman primer like 3-4 times:
    If it's not hard it's not worth doing... <---Team Hyperforce <--- Follow Hyperforce on Facebook


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