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    MUTANT MASS is without a doubt the most complete and effective weight gainer formula in the world! When it comes to packing on quality mass, bodybuilders all over the world rely on MUTANT MASS. After years of relentless research and development, MUTANT MASS has been specifically formulated with one goal in mind — to help you quickly pack on MUTANT size!

    Every serving of MUTANT MASS delivers 52 grams of muscle-building protein featuring the Mutant Pro Multi-Staged 10 Protein Matrix. The unique protein matrix found in MUTANT MASS supplies the body with 10 complete protein sources, which provides an immediate and long-lasting increase in protein synthesis! When you combine the powerful protein matrix with the other key anabolic nutrients found in MUTANT MASS, you have the ultimate formula for rapid gains in rock-hard mass!

    A wide variety of protein sources deliver a vast cross spectrum of amino acids, which triggers greater uptake by muscle cells. The multi-staged protein matrix found in MUTANT MASS is designed to shuttle more usable protein into your muscles and flood them with a continuous supply of muscle-building amino acids — all day and all night!

    MUTANT MASS has been developed based on mountains of scientific evidence from a countless number of research studies. Precisely engineered to help you quickly pack on pounds of muscle, every aspect of the MUTANT MASS formula has been researched and tested to ensure it is without a doubt the most effective weight gainer on the market!

    A research study conducted on weight-training athletes showed just how effective MUTANT MASS can be at building muscle and increasing strength. In this study, subjects that consumed a weight gainer shake, which contained nearly the exact amount of calories found in 2 servings of MUTANT MASS, gained DOUBLE the amount of lean muscle mass as control subjects! On top of that, test subjects also increased their max bench press by an average of 31.5 pounds! So, by simply adding 2 servings of MUTANT MASS to your daily diet and training program you can DOUBLE your gains in lean mass and increase your max bench by over 30 pounds!

    [B]Product Features:[/B]


    [*]Includes Mutant Pro's multi-staged protein formula
    [*]Contains a whopping 52 grams of amino acids per serving
    [*]Utilizes Clean-Carb featuring waxy maize
    [*]Comes with added Lipo-Therm Sport Oil Matrix with MCTs
    [*]Contains Intrasorb-5 with Colostrum & Cinnulin-PF
    [*]Mixes easily & tastes incredible[/LIST]


    Shake or mix 4 scoops of MUTANT MASS with 480-960 ml (16-32 fl oz) of water or milk. You can also enjoy 2 or even 3 shakes a day. Our favourite way is to drink one shake first thing in the morning, a second immediately after training; or simply enjoy your shakes whenever you want an extra shot of protein.


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