So I photo-documented my meals today. I've discussed this before but I use a Flexible Dieting approach, I've summarized the approach in a number of threads. Here is what today looked like for me, with all the numbers:

172 lbs today, near 6%bf, 2 weeks out from a Men's Physique Provincial Show.

I wake up every day and have just have a protein shake (w/ cinnamon) then not much else for a few hours, so I call this Meal 1.5:
Oats w/ cinnamon (cinnamon fanatic, for good reason) and calorie free caramel syrup, apple, yogurt, plus the protein shake that preceded this.. 39P/51C/3F, 8 fibre - 396 cals

Meal 2: Bagel w/ turkey/lettuce/Dijon mustard/fat free mayo + salad w/ zesty Italian vinaigrette.
31P/65 C/6F, 5 fibre - 464 cals
The bagel is an Everything Bagel from Tim's, because I'm not feeling the "food prep" thing

Meal 3: quick I'm in a hurry?! Oats/protein/cinnamon and blueberry syrup.. and out the door!
28P/31C/4F, 4 fibre - 250 cals

Meal 4: fried turkey/potato/broc with salad and dressing + a banana while I cooked
36P/72C/5F, 9 fibre - 458 cals

Meal 5: now the fun begins! Two mega bowls of low-fat cereal in almond milk 9P/150C/8F, 15 Fibre - 713 cals

Meal 5.5: DEM CARBS, apple+gummy worms and low cal waffles/zero fat cool whip/caramel syrup!
8P/89C/3F, 8 fibre - 421 cals
I basically just sit around and eat all night FYI

Meal 6: Last one! Protein oatmeal pancakes w/ strawberries and low sugar syrup.
23P/33C/2F, 5 fibre - 227 cals

Today's totals:
173P/490C/30F, 53 fibre - 2918 cals
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