With the introduction of the "Physique" category by the IFBB/NPC/CBBF and their affiliates, many people have been asking us if we offer this category as well. The answer is YES. In fact, UFE was one of the pioneering organizations of this category having offered it since our inception in 2007, however, we have been calling it under another name: Male Fitness Model. UFE's Male Fitness Model category does differ from the IFBB Physique category a bit in that the shorts worn are different. As opposed to the board shorts worn in the IFBB, our competitors are encouraged to wear the same "tiger shorts" style that you would see GSP wearing in the UFC. Furthermore, we also host another round of competition within this category, the sportswear round. In this round, men are asked to present themselves in either sportswear (ie: Nike, Adidas, Reebok athletic apparel) or in a sports theme (football player, boxer, etc). The whole concept of this category is that we are looking for the next marketable male to put in the pages of a magazine such as Men's Health or promote to a sports supplement company.

More information about this category can be found at the following link: http://ufeshows.com/0/?page_id=31

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