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    Default 4 cycle looking for feed back

    Hi to all, this will be my 4 cycle i have not taken anything for 7 months im 50 been training for 16 years I weight 235 my last cycle was tren, test, dboll felt great no problems diet was right on libido was out of this world did a good pct, im now planning my next cycle still looking to bulk it would look like this tren-ace, test ,equi,anavar,arimi, tren, test, equi 0.5cc of each every other day to start that's what was recommended to me I feel it might be to small of a pin anyway all see what you all have to say,then 1 arimi and 1 var in the morning then 2 var at night ,this will be the first time I use var i have always used dboll and feel great on it but was looking for less water retention this time and more hardness ,was looking to do 8 weeks but I want to bump it up to 12.Any feed back or comment will be apriciated.Thank you

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    You said tren twice...or do you mean tren enanthate and tren acetate together?
    What kind of test?
    What is the dosage of each? post in mg not cc as all gear is not the same strength per cc.
    Equi you also listed twice?
    Var is weak unless you use quite a bit and that gets very wont get squat off 2 per it does cause stomach issues in many

    What is your BF a pic...if you are over 15% u wont gain much muscle but you will gain a tonne of fat...insulin resistance will most likely be high unless you are quite lean.
    Why do you need so many compounds...that's overkill.
    Arimidex is unnecessary unless you have symptoms of gyno...using it will slow gains if you don't need it
    8 weeks is useless if running long ester test and equi....12 is much more effective.

    What I would recommend is running a lean down diet and getting in top shape for summer. This will create a perfect launch pad for a fall/winter gaining cycle while remaining lean.

    Either way for gaining long ester test and equi is all you need. For a lean down you can use the same thing but add trn ace the last 6 weeks to harden right up.

    Anavar is not cost efficient and the gains will be very minimal...tren ace beats it hands down and is much more cost effective.

    Your diet will determine most of your water retention not the cycle.

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