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    Default Blackline elite / Refuel extreme ??

    Hi guys new to the forum lots of good info

    Currently looking to lean out in my work out and have been looking into some suppliments, currently only using Veggie greens regulary and just working out 3 to 4 days a week nothing major just cardio and free weight lifting . im 5'11 250 pounds looking to shed some weight obviously diets are major etc etc..
    like i said ive been curious about some weight loss suppliments and they might be the wrong way to go?
    I have a free 30 day sample of a two part product i am finding kind of fishy?
    Called - Refuel extreme and Blackline elite one is a pre work out and one a post work out, has anyone heard of these? i cant find much online about these ..not to sure i even want to try them? are these legit?!

    If so what would be a good suppliement to use to help shed the extra weight and tone up a bit ?
    Thanks for your help and excuse my lack of knowledge!

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    The best supplement would be a well designed diet. Looking for weight loss in a product is not going to do you much good...they are nothing but stimulants and will end up causing more harm then good.

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