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    Default can someone give me some GH clarification

    hopefully not aggravate anyone as its being my first post, but I have used the search function and done a lot of reading with as you guess mixed results.....
    basically what I'm confused with are the different tops blue,green, ext the one that I just got has yellow. Am excited to start this but after more reading I am unsure haha. I'm 36 and in decent shape, done mostly cardio and weights. Recently into cross fit but was looking for that extra bump for fat loss and recovery.looking at doing 2 iu ED to start and bump up to 4 in a few weeks. anyways long story short if anyone could pipe in and point a guy in the right direction would be appreciated. I wanted to post the name of the product but not sure if id get banned. thanks again.

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    Generics are generics. The color of the top doesn't matter, trusting your source matters. Also bad news for you but there is not much real GH in any of those generics. Would be surprised if any, actually.


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