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Thread: Offseason 2015!

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    Default Offseason 2015!

    Hey guys!

    I thought it would be fun if I kept a detailed log of basically everything I do for my 2014/2015 offseason and potentially run into my contest prep as well (which is usually in august). I recently won my heavyweight class at the NBPFAs and lost a very close overall at a decision of 4 to 3, so to say I'm fired up would be a bit of an understatement! lol Things I plan to include in this log are training/supplementation, essentially the basics. So stay tuned!

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    So I'll do an update for my overall plan and later on I'll include what I've today, since I've got several PT client consultations going on!

    My current Workout Split is something along the lines of:

    Monday: Back
    Tuesday: Delts, Abs
    Wednesday: Arms, Calves
    Thursday: Legs
    Friday: Chest, Abs
    Saturday: Cardio, Calves
    Sunday: Rest

    This is simply a change of schedule for me - I've always done chest on monday, etc... but I want to focus on adding some thickness to my back so I will be doing back movements first and because of deadlifts I moved my leg day from wednesday to thursday in order for them to be as fresh as possible. This schedule is also just tentative because I would like to split my leg day into a separate day for quads and hams/glutes. It may also seem weird that I don't do calves on leg day, but in my experience I get so tired from the bigger movements that I tend to cut out calves - and as an area I REALLY want to improve I'm moving them onto days where theoretically I should still have some energy to to do them.

    Cardio will be kept all offseason, split 15 minutes pre workout and 15 minutes post workout however, on leg day it will only be 15 pre.

    The rough outline of my diet is currently:

    6 Meals a day @ 2,470 and the macronutrient breakdown is 250/300/30. However, since this is still so close to my show I have been having treats, but I'm going to get that under control. My goal with this diet is to stay as lean as possible while still increasing LBM. I have a tendency to become too heavy between shows, and thus I have a lot to diet off. My best conditionings have always come when I lose less then 30lbs, less cardio more food, etc...

    The diet will be changing a lot. I am going to use a flexible dieting approach (switch out clean sources for other clean sources - to provide variety as well as enjoy life - its the offseason lol) and I will also use calorie counting in the event of going out to eat, whatever... Once again not getting fat is a major priority lol.

    Currently just cruising on some test, however once I have finalized the details of my plan we will be going at it hard and I will also be implementing T3 throughout to help with metabolism production.

    Natural Supplements:
    I don't use too many but I will be including a whey protein, omega 3's, vitamin C and D as well as digestive enzymes.


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