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    In the first phases of gait, arms are carried at or above shoulder height
    At this stage, holding a child as he walks is a disservice

    Creeping with a minimum of furniture and a maximum of open space is

    Infants who cannot walk are designed to live in horizontal world
    They don?t have the muscle structure to support their body weight, or the
    mechanism to balance their bodies in the vertical position

    any tools , that hold themself is a slower process on human brain/3d space /intelligence / muscle-mind-awareness development

    In the first phases of gait, arms are carried at or above shoulder height
    At this stage, holding a child as he walks is a disservice
    The child needs to develop his balance mechanism on it own

    presence n safety is what is need

    The baby should be barefooted to allow proper development of the ankles

    Once a child is comfortable at walking, asking him to hold objects in his
    hands is a great way to move

    Movement for cognition
    Body awareness
    Spatial awareness
    Directional awareness
    Establishment of effective time-space orientation

    Object handling and eye-hand coordination

    To learn about their bodies
    To learn about movement capacities
    Facilitator of cognitive and affective growth
    To develop fine and gross motor skills

    Unilateral movements - bilateral movements

    Sequence of emergence of balance activities
    Dynamic balance
    Walks 1-inch straight line at 3 years old
    Walks on 2-3 inch beam at 4 years old

    Cerebral cortex
    Memory, attention, awareness, thought, language
    Coordinated movements

    Body awareness issues are common with patients that are not well
    lateralized. It is a sign of neurological immaturity
    Name the body part game
    Locate the body part game
    Move and listen body part game
    Pair body parts together


    a baby need hide n seek game almost daily this way they learn to know parents do come back , th mind progressively learn to connect n disconnect , it create emotional differentiation to deal with social energy

    Sensory Integration a key role , he building th vestibular awareness , baby need to knock

    baby pull ups !!! = future frank mcgrath

    breastfeeding rock!

    "Genes are really sensitive to nutrition," said study researcher Sharon Donovan of the University of Illinois. "And we now have genes that may explain many of the clinical observations of how breast-fed and formula-fed infants differ."
    Using a novel noninvasive technique, researchers compared 10 formula-fed 3-month-olds with 12 breast-fed infants of the same age. Capitalizing on the natural sloughing off of intestinal cells during digestion, the researchers looked for signs of gene expression, in the form of messenger RNA, in the babies' poop.
    Breast milk and formula have different effects on at least 146 genes, the researchers found.
    Most of the genes enhanced by breast milk promote quick development of the intestine and immune system, Donovan told LiveScience.
    "At birth, the poor baby comes out of a nice protected environment, where everything is taken care of," Donovan said, into a world teeming with bacteria and where nutrition must be obtained from a rookie intestine. The faster the baby's digestion tract and immune system get up to speed, the healthier the child.
    Some of the genes positively affected by breast milk protect against "leaky gut," a disorder in which foreign particles enter the bloodstream through the intestinal wall, Donovan said. Leaky gut is thought to increase the risk of allergies and inflammatory diseases, such as asthma, colitis and Crohn's disease — all of which may have higher rates among formula-fed babies, previous research has suggested.

    th baby is made by th mom n dad not th bird ,,, be honest about it !

    baby need 5 min workout a day , need presence , n sleep where he got lots of space , n can turn both right n left at ease , dont ever restrict movement strapping him up in whatever by xyz 's

    when he start jumping , climbing dont get nervous or it will do mirror neurone , a baby need safety n calm
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