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    Default Dhea precipitates

    Hiya folks.. I'm not a bodybuilder, just an old guy trying to stay healthy.

    Recent blood tests told me my testosterone was slightly below normal. The endocrinologist would not prescribe Testosterone replacement Therapy, so I'm looking at alternatives in the area of supplements.

    A friend on another forum suggest I try using DHEA and pregnenolone. He suggested dissolving it in DMSO and rubbing it on the skin. The DMSO is a carrier and will carry the dissolved powders into the system, bypassing the liver and kidneys. He suggested trying a small amount at first - 20 mg of each. He said to just use enough DMSO to dissolve the powders, then add a little water to avoid burning. Two drops of DMSO dissolves it easily.

    The first time I tried it, I forgot the water and it did give me a warm tingle, but no burn.

    The next times I used it I added a drop or two of water, and that seemed to cause the powders to precipitate out of the solution. This would stop the absorption of the supplements into the skin.

    So, any suggestions? More DMSO? Heat it? Its such a small amount.

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    Hmmmm, 51 people read this, but no suggestions??

    I'm going to try it tonight without the water...and I'll apply it to my leg, rather than to more tender areas.


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