Hi everyone, I could really use some help. A close friends cousin has advanced Multiple Sclerosis, he's at the point where he's stuck in a motorized wheelchair and is getting worse. He tries to train his arms with 2-3 pound dumbbells. Years ago I'd read somewhere that anabolic steroids and human growth hormone could be used to combat this disease. My friend told the patient but he didn't take it seriously, probably just buys the media depiction of these drugs as just something athletes abuse or whatever. Thing is, seeing how much worse he's gotten, I thought I'd bring it up again. My friend said he'd back me up but we'd need some hard data. I've looked into it a little and just found some references in an article on the Web but the references didn't seem to lead anywhere. I've also read that the MS Society of Canada is in the middle of tests but who knows how long that could take. Anyway, if anyone can give me some information or leads on this topic I'd really appreciate it.